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Select Dealer Service has been focusing on automobile
dealership income development and organizational efficiency for
over 30 years combined.

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We offer a full menu training program from in-person training to a web-based learning platform designed by our team to support the dealership tea from the Finance, Service and Sales departments to the Business office.

In Person one-on-one Training

Group Training

Web-Based Training


Individual Product Knowledge Courses


Interactive contract examination per product that provides product knowledge, pitch strategy, word tracks and testing certification

Compliance Regulation Training & Certification


All Federal Regulation Courses for Sales, Finance and BDC Departments to satisfy mandatory staff training with certificate generation for employee filing

  • Product Knowledge is the foundation of any quality sales process.
  • Give your Finance and Sales team the product knowledge that’s needed to be effective in our competitive marketplace.
  • Our courses have a proven track record for increasing gross profit while minimizing cancelations and chargebacks.
  • Proven word tracks and rebuttals for increased PVR and PPR.
  • Create a culture of compliance with our course certification process.
  • Fulfill your annual finance training requirements with this one stop solution for compliance and product knowledge.

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